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The very mention of the term colonic irrigation to most folk nowadays will almost inevitably elicit a typical range of rather unenthusiastic reactions - ranging from nervous laughter, embarrassment and even disgust at the thought of having a hosepipe inserted into their rectum.

Such reactions are, however, sadly the result of much ignorance and a distinct lack of understanding or appreciation as to what colonic hydrotherapy actually involves.

Colonic hydrotherapyColonic hydrotherapy is one of the oldest forms of natural healing and its benefits have been known and practiced since as far back in history as 1500 BC and was described in an ancient Egyptian medical manuscript called the 'Ether Papyrus'. Ancient philosophers such as Hippocrates (4th and 5th century) and Galen (2nd century) were also advocates of colon cleansing therapy.

Dr Kellogg (who gave the famous cereal company his name) in the early part of the 20th century published a comprehensive approach to colonic hydrotherapy which he advocated for use in treating numerous conditions including colitis, cholera, liver toxicity and surgical shock.

Indeed until the war years of the 1940s, colon hydrotherapy treatment rooms were a common feature of many GP's surgeries and the majority of hospitals.

With the 'advancements' in the use of surgery and medically prescribed drugs plus the fact that colonic therapy was considered too costly (due to it`s labour intensive nature and the special training required to deliver it) the therapy unfortunately fell out of favour in mainstream medicine.

However, like much ancient wisdom that is being 'rediscovered' in recent times, we are witnessing a tremendous revival of interest in the practice of colonic hydrotherapy - due in some part to the therapy having attracted some rich and famous patrons such as the late Princess Diana (who is said to have had colonic treatments weekly), Kim Bassinger, Demi Moore and of course the recent media coverage of the therapy in Channel 4's 'The Salon'.

Colonic hydrotherapy is a safe, effective method of cleansing the colon of poisons, gas, accumulated faecal waste and mucus deposits.

" I was a bit nervous about getting a colonic at first, thinking that it would be a bit strange. Des, however, made me feel really relaxed and comfortable the whole way through. I can't describe to you how amazing I felt afterwards, I was lighter, felt so clean and my energy levels were through the roof. In fact, I know it sounds crazy but knowing that I was free from toxins killed my desire to smoke cigarettes. I had been previously smoking over 10 a day and hadn't even considered giving up until I had the colonic. It was as if I knew I was starting from scratch, healthy and new, and didn't want to ruin it.

Honestly, I would recommend Des to anyone who asked me. I feel that everyone would benefit from getting a colonic in this clinic, it's just a remarkable feeling with excellent results and worth every penny."

Cherie Magee (Media Manager, North Belfast)

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